Dimensionless Numbers

These numbers have a quantity of one and can not be measured on a scale of physical units.  It is a pure number, thus always having a dimension of 1. The number does not change even if the number system you are working in does.  Dimensionless numbers are used in engineering, mathematics, physics and economics.

Nomenclature & Symbols for Engineering, Mathematics, and Scienceor 

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Archimedes Number
Arrhenius Number
Atomic Number
Bingham Number
Biot Number
Blake Number
Bodenstein Number
Bond Number
Capillary Number
Cauchy Number
Cavitation Number
Darcy-Weisbach Equation
Dean Number
Drag Coefficient
Eckert Number
Elasticity Number
Ericksen Number
Euler Number
Fourier Number
Froude Number
Galileo Number
Graetz Number
Grashof Number
Hagen Number