Expander Flange

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expander flgAn expander flange, abbreviated as EXPF, is similar to a weld neck flange but with the hub expanding to a larger size (one or two sizes).  If you have limited space or just need to connect to a larger pipe size, it provides a convenient way for equipment, pumps and valves.  It can replace the use of a flange and reducer.  Pressure ratings and dimensions are in accordance with ANSI/ASME B16.5. This flange has a raised face.


Expander Flange Datasheets

ClassRaised Face
ANSI 150 Expander, ANSI Class 150 (in)
ANSI 300 Expander, ANSI Class 300 (in)
ANSI 600 Expander, ANSI Class 400 (in)


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