Lockout/Tagout Procedure

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Lockout/tagout procedures can vary significantly from project to project.  For this reason everyone working on a project should know the policies for equipment lockout/tagout to create a safe work place.


Lockout Procedure

Think. Plan and Check:

  • Identify all parts of any system that needs to be shut down.
  • Find the switches, valves or other devices that need to be locked out.


  • Tell affected employees you'll be locking out the equipment and why.

Locate the power sources:

  • including stored in springs or hydraulic systems.

Neutralize all power at its source:

  • Disconnect electrical.
  • Block moveable parts.
  • Release or block spring energy.
  • Drain or bleed hydraulic and pneumatic lines.
  • Lower suspended parts to rest position.

Lock out all power sources:

  • Use a tagout device only for this purpose. 
  • Each worker should have a personal lock.

Test operating controls:

  • Turn on all controls to make sure the power doesn't go on.
  • Turn controls back to "Off"
  • Perform necessary repairs or maintenance

After maintenance is finished, and before restarting equipment:

  • Remove tools.
  • Reinstall machine guards.
  • Make sure workers are a safe distance away while restoring energy.
  • Notify others that the machines are back in use.


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