Piston Deck Volume

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Piston deck volume, abbreviated as PDV, calculation with a known bore, piston deck distance, volume of piston bumps and volume of piston depressions.


Piston Deck Volume Formula

\(\large{ PVD = \left( 0.7854 \; BORE^2 \; DPD \right) + \left( VPD - VPB \right) }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ PDV }\) = piston deck volume  \(in^3\)  \(cc^3\)
\(\large{ BORE }\) = bore \(in^3\) \(cc^3\)
\(\large{ DPD }\) = deck of piston distance \(in\) \(mm\)
\(\large{ VPB }\) = volume of piston bumps \(in^3\) \(cc^3\)
\(\large{ VPD }\) = volume of piston depressions \(in^3\) \(cc^3\)


Piston Deck Volume Calculator


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