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Relativity is a branch of physics that refers to two theries, general relativity and special relativity by Albert Einstein.  General relativity explains the law of gravitation and its relation to other forces of nature.  Special relativity applies to elementary particles and their interactions, describing all their physical phenomena except gravity.

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Special relativity, revolutionized our understanding of space and time by showing that they are not separate entities, but instead are intertwined and form a four-dimensional fabric known as spacetime.  It also introduced the concept of the speed of light being a constant, and that the laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion relative to each other.

General relativity, expanded on special relativity by introducing the idea that gravity is not a force between masses, but instead is a result of the curvature of spacetime caused by the presence of mass and energy.  This theory has been incredibly successful in explaining a wide range of phenomena, from the behavior of black holes to the evolution of the universe.

Both special and general relativity have had a profound impact on physics and our understanding of the universe, and have led to many technological advances, such as GPS systems, which rely on the precise timing of signals sent between satellites and receivers on Earth.

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