Flange Plate Support

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Flange plate support is a component used in piping systems to provide support and alignment for pipes, valves and flanges.  These supports are typically used in industrial and commercial settings where pipes need to be securely connected and properly aligned.

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Key Points about flange plate supports

  • Support and Alignment  -  Pipe flange plate supports are designed to support and align pipes, especially at connection points where flanges are used.  They ensure that the pipes remain in the correct position, preventing sagging, misalignment, or excessive stress on the flange connections.
  • Attachment to Flanges  -  Flange plate supports are typically attached to the flanges of the pipes using bolts or other fasteners.  They often have holes or slots that align with the bolt holes in the flanges, allowing for a secure connection.
  • Material  -  These supports are commonly made from materials such as steel, stainless steel, or other sturdy materials, depending on the requirements of the specific application.
  • Types  -  There are different types of flange plate supports, including sliding plate supports, fixed plate supports, and adjustable plate supports.  Each type serves a specific purpose.  For example, sliding plate supports allow for thermal expansion and contraction of the pipes, while adjustable plate supports can be adjusted to accommodate varying pipe sizes.
  • Purpose  -  The primary purpose flange plate supports is to ensure the stability and integrity of the piping system.  They help distribute the weight of the pipes and the fluid they carry, reducing stress on the flange connections and preventing damage to the pipes or equipment.
  • Application  -  Pipe flange plate supports are commonly used in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, and HVAC systems.  They are crucial in maintaining the reliability and safety of these piping systems.

Bolted Flange Plate Support

Flange Support 11Nut Adjusting Support FrontFlange Support 12Nut Adjusting Support SideFlange Support 13Fixed Support FrontFlange Support 14Fixed Support Side









Flange Support 21Nut Adjusting Bolted Support

 Flange Support 22Nut Adjusting Pipe Clamp SupportFlange Support 23Nut Adjusting Pipe Clamp SupportFlange Support 24Bolted Flange Plate Support with Flange











Flange Support 31Bolted Flange Plate Support









ISO Flange Support 11ISO LP

 ISO Flange Support 12ISO RPISO Flange Support 13ISO LPISO Flange Support 14ISO RP








Slotted Flange Plate Support

Flange Support 41Nut Adjusting Support Front

Flange Support 42Nut Adjusting Support Side

Flange Support 43Fixed Support Front

Flange Support 44Fixed Support Side









Flange Support 51Nut Adjusting Bolted Support

Flange Support 52Nut Adjusting Pipe Clamp Support

Flange Support 53Nut Adjusting Pipe Clamp Support

Flange Support 54Slotted Flange Plate Support with Flange












Flange Support 61Slotted Flange Plate Support









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