Buckling Coefficient

Written by Jerry Ratzlaff on . Posted in Dimensionless Numbers

Buckling coefficient, abbreviated as \(k_{cr}\), a dimensionless number, is an instability that leads to a failure mode.  When a structure is subjected to compressive stress, buckling may occure.  Buckling is characterized by a sudden sideways deflection of a structural member.


Buckling coefficient formula

\(\large{ k_{cr} =   \left(  \frac{  n \; w }{ l }  \;+\;  \frac{ l }{  n \; w }  \right)^2   }\)   


\(\large{ k_{cr} }\) = buckling coefficient

\(\large{ n }\) = number of half sine curvatures that occure lengthwise (dimensionless)

\(\large{ l }\) = length of member

\(\large{ w }\) = width of member


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