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weight 1When you think of weight, abbreviated as W or WT, it is probably associated with mass.  But weight is not mass.  Weight is a force on an object accelerated by gravity.  Weight is a vector quantity having magnitude and direction, some of these include acceleration, displacement, drag, force, lift, momentum, thrust, torque, and velocity.


Weight formula

\(\large{ W = m \; g }\)


 Units English Metric
\(\large{ W }\) = weight \(\large{lbf}\) \(\large{N}\) 
\(\large{ g }\) = gravitational acceleration \(\large{ \frac{ft}{sec^2} }\) \(\large{ \frac{m}{s^2} }\)
\(\large{ m }\) = mass \(\large{lbm}\) \(\large{kg}\)


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