Bond Number

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Bond number, abbreviated as Bo, a dimensionless number, represents the relationship of gravitational force to surface tension force.  In Europe, the Bond number is known as the Eötvös number, abbreviated as Eo.  When used with the Morton Number, it is used to characterize the shape of bubbles or drops moving within a fluid. 


Bond Number Calculator


This number should not be confused with the James Bond number which, at the time of authorship, is eleven. 


Bond Number formula

\(\large{ Bo = \frac { \rho \; a \; l^2}    {\sigma}  }\)   


\(\large{ Bo }\) = Bond number

\(\large{ a }\) = acceleration

\(\large{ \rho }\)  (Greek symbol rho) = density

\(\large{ l }\) = length

\(\large{ \sigma }\) = surface tension


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