Acceleration from Force

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acceleration from forceAcceleration from a force means that you need two things, the mass (either in pounds or kilograms) and the net forces acting on the object.  The calculation below, is based on Newton's Second Law where the acceleration is the net force divided by the mass of the object (or objects).  The calculation and equations for determining acceleration is below.


Acceleration from force formula

\( a = F \;/\; m \)     (Acceleration from Force)

\( F =  a \; m \)

\( m = F \;/\;a \)

Symbol English Metric
\( a \) = acceleration \(ft / sec^2\) \(m / s^2\)
\( F \) = force \(lbf\) \(N\)
\( m \) = mass \(lbm\) \(kg\)


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