Universal Gas Constant

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Universal gas constant, abbreviated as R, (Englisg units \(\frac{lbf-ft}{lbmol-R}\), Metric units \(\frac{J}{kmol-K}\)), also called gas constant, ideal gas constant, and molar gas constant.  When using these values in the Ideal Gas Law (or when making any calculation) make sure the units match up.  This is a physical constant that relates the properties of a gas to each other at a given temperature and pressure.

The universal gas constant is a key parameter in many areas of physics and chemistry, such as thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and gas chromatography.  It is also used in the calculation of various gas properties, such as molar volume and gas density, as well as in the determination of the molecular weight of gases.


Universal Gas Constant

Values of R Units
8.314472 J·K-1·mol-1
0.0820574587 L·atmosphere (unit)|atm·Kelvin|K-1·Mole (unit)|mol-1
8.20574587 × 10-5 m3·atm·K-1·mol-1
8.314472 cm3·MPa·K-1·mol-1
8.314472 Pa·K-1·mol-1
8.314472 Pa·K-1·mol-1
62.36367 L·mmHg·K-1·mol-1
62.36367 L·Torr·K-1·mol-1
83.14472 L·mbar·K-1·mol-1
1.987 cal·K-1·mol-1
6.132440 lbf·ft·K-1·g-mol-1
10.73159 °R-1·lb-mol-1
0.7302413 ft3·atm·°R-1·lb-mol-1
998.9701 ft3·mmHg·K-1·lb-mol-1
8.314472 × 107 erg·K-1·mol-1
1716 (Air only) slug-1
286.9 (Air only) N·m·kg-1·K-1
286.9 (Air only) J·kg-1·K-1


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