Average Velocity

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Average velocity, abbreviated as \(\bar {v}\) or \(v_a\), also called constant acceleration, is the average of any given velocities where the acceleration is constant.  The calculation for average velocity with zero accleration is shown below. 


Average velocity formula

\(\large{ \bar {v} = \frac{ 1 }{ 2 } \; \left( v_i + v_f \right) }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ \bar {v}  }\) = average velocity \(\large{\frac{ft}{sec}}\) \(\large{\frac{m}{s}}\)
\(\large{ v_f  }\) = final velocity \(\large{\frac{ft}{sec}}\) \(\large{\frac{m}{s}}\)
\(\large{ v_i  }\) = initial velocity \(\large{\frac{ft}{sec}}\) \(\large{\frac{m}{s}}\)


Average velocity calculator


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