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As the age of the piping industry increases, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain information relating to piping design. Information and where to find it is sometimes cumbersome. Some books and tables have certain data, others have more data. This website has been developed by gathering as much data as possible and organizing it into an intuitive nature.

This site has been developed by a mechanical engineer and senior piping designer. Between us, we have many years of piping and engineering experience. A vast amount of information has been accumulated over the years. About ten years ago, we began transcribing books similar to the Ladish or Republic book on the computer. These types of books are excellent resources that are disappearing as the industry ages. Through the years, Jerry's collection has grown to a point where it needed a massive organization. Approximately two years ago, Jerry and I partnered up to determine the best way to get the data infront of other people. Initially, it began as a spreadsheet add in. After a couple months, we decided to pursue another avenue. (Though an add in is still being considered) We began by organizing THOUSANDS of documents and millions of numbers into an online database.

Our goal is to provide information, calculations, and interaction in the engineering field in an ever-expanding informational database. This site is for beginners and experienced designers or engineers alike.

We have made every effort to publish data that is correct. We expect there to be subtle differences between data published in your particular reference books but the data should still be valid. However, if there are any glaring errors in our pages, please let us know and we will make the changes as quickly as possible. You will notice that the data on this site is not complete. We are aware of this. We know that no matter how much data is posted, it still will not be complete. That's okay. We will continue to add data to ultimately become the largest piping database on the web!

We encourage everyone to become part of the community and help us grow.

Site Authors

Matt Milbury, PE

Matt Milbury, PE, is a registered Mechanical Engineer in the State of California. He currently resides in California's San Joaquin Valley. His background includes project management, oilfield facilities & pipeline design work and oilfield equipment sales.

If you would like to contact Matt directly, please email him at mmilbury [at] piping-designer.com.

Jerry Ratzlaff

Jerry Ratzlaff is a senior piping designer with many years of experience in the oil industry. He currently works for an engineering firm in the San Joaquin Valley.

If you would like to contact Jerry directly, please email him at jratzlaff [at] piping-designer.com.

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