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designer banner 3Mechanical designers work with engineers using computer design software to create from sketches and even field work, technical drawings for equipment, foundations, and facilities.





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Nomenclature & Symbols


  • \( ACE \)  -  Architecture, Eengineering and Construction
  • \( CTR \)  -  center
  • \( C-C \)  -  center to center
  • \( CL \)  -  centerline
  • \( CAD \)  -  Computer Aided Design
  • \( CADD \)  -  Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • \( CAE \)  -  Computer Aided Engineering
  • \( CAM \)  -  Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • \( DWG \)  -  drawing
  • \( DES \)  -  designer
  • \( DSGN \)  -  design
  • \( EDA \)  -  Electronic Design Automation
  • \(FLG\)  - flange
  • \( HORIZ \)  -  horizontal
  • \( NTS \)  -  not to scale
  • \( OC \)  -  on center
  • \(  REV \)  -  revision
  • \( STD \)  -  standard
  • \( VERT \)  -  vertical


Design Engineering Glossary





  • Dynamic assembly  -  An assembly model in which parts are linked to their individual part files so the software can update the assembly when individual part files are modified.


  • Exploded  -  An assembly in which parts are moved out of position along a axis so that each individual part is visible.
  • Export  -  To save data from one application in a file format that can be read by another software application.


  • Flange  -  A flattened collor or rim around a cylindrical part to allow for attachment.



  • Hard copy  -  Printed or plotted materials.
  • Hatch line  -  A series of parallel lines drawn on a diagonal to indicate a surface created by a cut.
  • Hidden line  -  A type of line that represents an edge that is not directly visible because it is behind or beneath another surface.


  • Interface  -  The portion of a system or device used to interact with or control it.
  • Intersection  -  The point at which two points or surfaces meet, or the area shared bt overlapping surfaces.




  • Limit tolerance  -  A tolerance that states the maximum and minimum allowable dimension, not the basic dimension value.


  • Machining scale  -  A steel ruler with its smallest divisions 0.01 inch apart.



  • Offset  -  The distance from an existing object at which a new object will be created.
  • Overdimensioning  -  Showing the same dimension more than one way in the drawing.


  • Part drawings  -  Individual drawings prepared for each part that will be manufactured or modified for the project.
  • Parting line  -  A line on a molded part where the two mold halves come togeather.




  • Solid modeling  -  A type of 3D modeling that represents the volume of an object, not just its lines and surfaces.
  • Static assembly  -  An assembly that does not update when individual part files change.
  • Storyboard  -  Pictures that dipict the sequence and composition of key events in an animation.
  • Subassembly  -  A group of parts that fit togeather to create one functional unit.
  • Surface modeling  -  A three-dimensional modeling that defines only surfaces and edges.
  • System variables  -  Settings that control the default operation of a CAD package.


  • Template  -  A drawing with certain settins that can be used repeatedly as the basis for starting a new drawing.


  • Update  -  To regenerate the model or drawing using any new dimension values or changed perameters.
  • User coordinate system  -  A coordinate system defined by the user to assist in creating CAD geometry.


  • Vanishing point  -  A location where the projections converge in a perspective drawing.
  • Vertex  -  A point where two or more curves, edges, or lines meet.


  • Working drawing  -  Drawings that convey all the information needed to manufacture and assemble a design.





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