Double Random Length

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pipe random length 1Double random length (DRL) is line pipe with the shortest possible length of 22' or as defined by specifications.  For example, pipe that has been manufactured to ASTM A-53 will have an average DRL length of 35'.  It is a specific length specification used for pipes in the oil and gas, construction, and related industries.  Pipes are often manufactured in various standard lengths to facilitate transportation, handling, and installation.

Double random length means that the length of the pipe is random, but there are two random lengths that are close to each other.  In other words, two pieces of pipe of approximately equal length are joined together to achieve the specified overall length.  This helps to minimize waste during manufacturing and is especially useful for large-scale projects where pipe lengths need to be standardized.  The exact lengths of the two pieces of pipe in a double random length configuration might vary, but their combined length matches the double random length specification.  This is in contrast to single random length (SRL) pipes, where each pipe has a random length without being combined with another.

The specific dimensions of double random length pipes can vary based on industry standards, pipe material, and intended application.  It's important to consult relevant industry guidelines and standards to determine the exact specifications for double random length pipes in a given context.

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