Cauchy Number

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Cauchy number, abbreviated as Ca, a dimensionless number expressing the ratio of inertial force to compressibility force in a flow.  When the compressibility is important the elastic forces must be considered along with inertial forces.


Cauchy Number CALCULATOR



Cauchy Number formula

\(\large{ Ca =  \frac {v^2 \;  \rho  }  { B }      }\)   
\(\large{ Ca =  \frac {v^2 \;  \rho  }  { B }      }\)  


\(\large{ Ca  }\) = Cauchy number

\(\large{ B }\) = bulk modulus elasticity

\(\large{ \rho  }\)  (Greek symbol rho) = density

\(\large{ v  }\) = velocity of flow


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