Planck Temperature

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Planck temperature, abbreviated as \(tT_p\), is a fundamental unit in the system of Planck units.  This temperature is the highest temperature in conventional physics because conventional physics breaks down at that temperature.  It is a useful unit in theoretical physics.

  • \(\large{ T_p = 1.416, 785 \;x\;10^{32}\;K }\)


 Planck temperature Formula

\(\large{ T_p = \frac{E_p}{k} }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ T_p }\) = Planck temperature \(\large{F}\)  \(\large{K}\) 
\(\large{ k }\) = Boltzmann constant \(\large{ \frac{lbm-ft^2}{sec^2} }\)   \(\large{ \frac{kJ}{molecule-K} }\)
\(\large{ E_p }\) = Planck energy \(\large{lbf-ft}\) \(\large{J}\)


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