datasheet banner 2Here you will find hundreds of datasheets for most equipment you will encounter doing piping design.  Because there are over 500 separate datasheets, we've organized them into several different categories:





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Nomenclature & Symbols

Accessory Datasheets

Accessories are components that are used in piping and, in general, do not fit in their own category.  

  • Bleed Rings,  Orifice Plates,  Spectacle Blinds,  etc.


Chemical Elements Datasheets


Fastener Datasheets


Gasket Datasheets

  • Full Face,  Ring Joint,  Spiral Wound


List Datasheets


Miscellaneous Datasheets


Pipe & Tubing Datasheets

  • CPVC,  Carbon Steel,  Copper Pipe & Tubing,  Ductile Iron,  Fiberglass,  HDPE,  PVC,  Stainless Steel


Pipe Fitting Datasheets


Pipe Flange Datasheets


Pipe Layout Datasheets


Standards Datasheets


Valve Datasheets


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