A turbine engine, also known as a gas turbine engine, is an internal combustion engine that uses a turbine to convert the energy of a flowing gas or air into mechanical energy.  The most common application of turbine engines is in aviation, where they are used to power airplanes and helicopters, but they are also used in power plants, ships, and other vehicles.  Turbine engines work by compressing air and mixing it with fuel, which is then ignited to create a high temperature, high pressure gas.  This gas is directed through a series of turbine blades, which are mounted on a shaft that is connected to a generator or other device.  As the gas flows over the blades, it causes them to rotate, which in turn rotates the shaft and produces mechanical energy.

There are several types of turbine engines, including turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines.  Each type has its own unique characteristics and is optimized for different applications.


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