Greek Alphabet

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Greek Alphabet TABLE

This is a list of the Greek alphabet.

Upper Case SymbolLower Case SymbolName
\(A\) \(\alpha\) alpha
\(\beta\) \(\beta\) beta
\(\Gamma\) \(\gamma\) gamma
\(\Delta\) \(\delta\) delta
\(E\) \(\epsilon\) epsilon
\(Z\) \(\zeta\) zeta
\(E\) \(\eta\) eta
\(\Theta\) \(\theta\) theta
\(I\) \(\iota\) iota
\(K\) \(\kappa\) kappa
\(\Lambda\) \(\lambda\) lambda
\(M\) \(\mu\) mu
\(N\) \(\nu\) nu
\(\Xi\) \(\xi\) xi
\(O\) \(\omicron\) omicron
\(\Pi\) \(\pi\) pi
\(R\) \(\rho\) rho
\(\Sigma\) \(\sigma\) sigma
\(T\) \(\tau\) tau
\(\Upsilon\) \(\upsilon\) upsilon
\(\Phi\) \(\phi\) phi
\(C\) \(\chi\) chi
\(\Psi\) \(\psi\) psi
\(\Omega\) \(\omega\) omega
- \(\varepsilon\) varepsilon
- \(\digamma\) digamma
- \(\varkappa\) varkappa
- \(\varpi\) varpi
- \(\varrho\) varrho
- \(\varsigma\) varsigma
- \(\vartheta\) vartheta
- \(\varphi\) varphi
Upper Case Symbol Lower Case Symbol Name

Tags: Nomenclature and Symbols