Power Number

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Power number, abbreviated as \(N_p\), a dimensionless number, represents the proportional  drag force and inertial force. It is used in momentum transfer and power consumption by fans, mixers and pump impellers at a specified rotational speed. The calculation and formula for the Power Number are shown below.  Note: it may be referenced as the Newton Number.


Power number calculator

Power number formula

\(\large{ N_p = \frac {P}{\rho \; n^3 \; d^5}  }\)   


\(\large{ N_p }\) = Power number

\(\large{ \rho }\)  (Greek symbol rho) = density of fluid

\(\large{ d }\) =  diameter of stirrer

\(\large{ P }\) = power

\(\large{ n }\) = rotational speed


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