Compressibility Factor

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Compressibility factor, abbreviated as z, a dimensionless number, also called compression factor or gas deviation factor, corrects for deviation from the ideal gas law to account for the real gases behavior.


compressibility factor formula

\(\large{ Z = \frac{p \; V}{n \; R \; T}  }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ Z }\) = compressibility factor \(\large{ dimensionless }\)
\(\large{ n }\) = number of moles \(\large{ dimensionless }\)
\(\large{ p }\) = pressure \(\large{\frac{lbf}{in^2}}\) \(\large{Pa}\)
\(\large{ R }\) = specific gas constant \(\large{\frac{lbf-ft}{lbm-R}}\)  \(\large{\frac{J}{kg-K}}\) 
\(\large{ T }\) = temperature \(\large{F}\) \(\large{K}\)
\(\large{ V }\) = volume \(\large{ft^3}\) \(\large{m^3}\)


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