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Materials are substances or matter that are used to create products or structures.  They can be natural or synthetic, and can exist in various forms such as solids, liquids, and gases.  Materials can have different properties such as strength, flexibility, conductivity, and durability, which make them suitable for different applications.  The study of materials involves understanding the structure, properties, and behavior of materials, as well as their processing and manufacturing methods.

Science Branches

Applied Science
Chemical Engineering

Materials science and engineering is a field that focuses on the development and design of materials for various applications, ranging from everyday consumer products to advanced technologies like aerospace and biomedical devices.  The field also involves the development of new materials with unique properties to address specific challenges or needs.

There are four categories of material: ceramic, composite, metal and polymer.

  • Ceramic  -  Inorganic non-metallic solid comprised of either metal or non-metal compounds made by heating together these materials.
  • Composite  -  Material mixture of two or more materials with different properties combined to produce a new material.
  • Metal  -  Chemical elements that are good conductors of heat and electricity.
  • Polymer  -  A long chain of molecules linked together.



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