Instrumentation & Controls Engineering

instrumentation banner 3Instrumentation and controls engineering (I&C) is a branch of engineering that focuses on the measurement, control, and automation of industrial processes.  I&C engineers use a variety of tools and techniques to design, install, and maintain control systems that monitor and adjust the operation of industrial equipment, such as pumps, valves, and turbines.  The work of an I&C engineer typically involves selecting and integrating sensors, actuators, and controllers to create a system that can monitor and control a process.  They may use various technologies, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed control systems (DCS), or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, to manage and optimize industrial processes.

Science Branches

Applied Science
Electrical Engineering

I&C engineers work in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, chemical manufacturing, and water treatment.  They are responsible for ensuring that industrial processes operate safely, efficiently, and reliably, while also minimizing environmental impact and complying with regulatory requirements.

In addition to designing and installing control systems, I&C engineers also perform testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance to ensure that systems continue to operate properly over time.  They may also work on projects related to process optimization, plant modernization, or system upgrades.  I&C is a critical field that plays a key role in many industries.  By designing and maintaining control systems that monitor and adjust industrial processes, I&C engineers help to ensure that our modern infrastructure operates safely and efficiently, while also minimizing environmental impact.


Instrumentation & Controls Engineering standards

API Standards

  • API RP 521 - Guides for Pressure Relief and Depression Systems
  • API RP 550 - Manual on Instrumentation of Refinery Instruments and Control Systems
  • API RP 551 - Process Measurement Instrumentation
  • API RP 552 - Transmission Systems
  • API RP 554 - Process Instruments and Controls
  • API RP 598 - Valve Inspection and Testing

ISA Standards

  • ISA 5 - Documentation of Measurement, and Control Instruments and Systems
  • ISA 5.1 - Instrimentation Symbols and Identification
  • ISA 12 - Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Locations
  • ISA 18 - Instrument Signals and Alarms
  • ISA 37 - Instrument Transducers
  • ISA 50 - Signal Compatibility of Electrical Instruments
  • ISA 60 - Control Centers
  • ISA 75 - Control Valve Standards
  • ISA 82 - Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation
  • ISA 90 - Instrumentation and Computer Grounding
  • ISA 91 - Criticality Ranking for Instrumentation
  • ISA 99 - Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security
  • ISA 100 - Wireless Systems for Automation
  • ISA 101 - Human-Machine Interface
  • ISA 104 - Device Integration
  • ISA 106 - Process Automation for Continuous Process Operations
  • ISA 107 - Advanced Measurement Techniques for Gas Turbine Engines
  • ISA 108 - Intelligent Device Management

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