Casing Vapor Recovery

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The main objectives of a casing vapor recovery, abbreviated as CVR, system are to

  • Minimize back pressure on wells
  • Minimize discharge of hydrocarbons and other fugitive gasses to the environment
  • Recovery of heat from casing gasses
  • Collect hydrocarbon condensate in the gas streams for addition to the sales stream.

In oil fields that are on steam-flood or steam lift, there is an overt effort to maintain a low back pressure on the producing formation.  This is done by keeping the wells "pumped off" and by lowering the pressure in the annulus.

In a system that has steam injected, steam vapor often times will come up through the annulus and will condense in the CVR system.


A CVR System consists of:

  • collection branch and trunk lines
  • Heat exchangers or condensers
  • Vapor-Liquid Separators
  • Water / Oil Separation
  • Incineration of non-condensible gasses


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