Volumetric Flow Rate

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volumetric flow rate 1Volumetric flow rate, also called volume flow rate or flow rate, is a measure of the volume of fluid that passes through a given area cross-section per unit of time.  It quantifies the amount of fluid flowing in a system or through a specific point.

To measure the volumetric flow rate, you need to determine the area cross-section through which the fluid is flowing and measure the velocity of the fluid.  The area is usually determined by measuring the pipe diameter or using appropriate formulas for different flow geometries.  The velocity can be measured directly using flow meters or inferred based on pressure differentials or other flow characteristics.

Volumetric flow rate is an important parameter in various fields, such as fluid dynamics, hydraulics, HVAC systems, industrial processes, and many others.  It is used to monitor and control fluid flow, calculate system performance, design piping systems, and ensure proper functioning of equipment and processes.


Volumetric flow rate formula

\( Q =  V \;/\; t \)     (Volumetric Flow Rate)

\( V =  Q \; t \)

\( t = V\;/\;Q \)

Solve for Q

volume, V
time, t


Solve for V

volumetric flow rate, Q
time, t

Solve for t

volume, V
volumetric flow rate, Q

Symbol English Metric
\( Q \) = volumetric flow rate \(ft^3\;/\;sec\) \(m^3\;/\;s\)
\( V \) = volume \( in^3\) \( mm^3\)
\( t \) = time \(sec\) \(s\)


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