Specific Heat Ratio

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Specific heat ratio, abbreviated as \(\gamma\), a dimensionless number, also called ratio of specific heat, heat capacity ratio, adiabatic index, isentropic expansion factor, is the ratio of two specific heats or the ratio of the heat capacity at constant pressure to heat capacity at constant volume.    

The specific heat ratio is an important parameter in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.  It is used in various calculations and equations, including those related to adiabatic processes, compressible flow, sound propagation, and shock wave behavior.  The specific heat ratio helps characterize the thermodynamic properties and behavior of gases under different conditions.


Specific Heat Ratio Formula

\( \gamma = C_p \;/\;C_v \)     (Specific Heat Ratio)

\( C_p =  \gamma  \; C_v \) 

\( C_v = C_p \;/\;gamma \) 

Solve for γ

constant pressure, Cp
constant volume, Cv

Solve for Cp

specific heat ratio, γ
constant volume, Cv

Solve for Cv

constant pressure, Cp
specific heat ratio, γ

Symbol English Metric
\( \gamma \)   (Greek symbol gamma) = specific heat ratio \(dimensionless\)
\( C_p \) = specific heat constant pressure \(Btu\;/\;lbm-F\) \(J\;/\;kg-K\) 
\( C_v \) = specific heat constant volume \(Btu\;/\;lbm-F\) \(J\;/\;kg-K\)


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