Charle's Law

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charles lawCharle's law, one of the gas laws, states that at a constant pressure the volume of a given mass of gas is directly porportional, increases or decreases, to the absolute temperature.


Charle's Law formula

\(\large{ \frac{V_i}{T_i} = \frac{V_f}{T_f}  }\)  or  \(\large{ \frac{V_f}{V_i} = \frac{T_f}{T_i} }\)  or  \(\large{ V_i \; T_f = V_f  \; T_i   }\)   


\(\large{ T_f }\) = final temperature

\(\large{ T_i }\) = initial temperature

\(\large{ V_f }\) = final volume

\(\large{ V_i }\) = initial volume


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