British Thermal Unit

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A British Thermal Unit is the amount of |heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit \(\:(^\circ F)\:\) at sea level.

  • BTU - British Thermal Unit
British Thermal Unit Conversion Table
MultiplyByTo Get
  1 BTU
  1.000669227 BTU (thermochemical)
  0.251995772 calorie (nutritional)
  252.164412 calorie (thermochemical)
  6.58514E+21 electronvolt
  778.169325 foot pound
  149408.5054 inch ounce
  9338.031899 inch pound
  1055.0559 joule
  0.000293071 kilowatt hour
  2.52164E-10 kiloton (TNT)
  2.52164E-13 megaton (TNT)
  1055.0559 newton meter
  0.00001 therm (SI)
  1.00024E-05 therm (US)