Free Point Indicator

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Free point indicator, abbreviared as FPI, is a specialized tool used in the oil and gas industry, particularly in wellbore operations.  It helps determine the free point of stuck pipe or tubing within a well.  When drilling or performing wellbore operations, the drill string, casing, or tubing can become stuck due to various reasons, such as differential sticking, key seating, or mechanical obstruction.  The free point indicator is crucial in such situations to identify the depth at which the pipe is free and where it is stuck.

Here's hHow the Free Point Indicator Generally Works

  • Deployment  -  The FPI tool is lowered into the wellbore on a wireline to the suspected stuck point.
  • Measurement  -  The tool measures the stretch or compression of the pipe by applying tension and torque. It uses sensors to detect these changes.
  • Data Interpretation  -  The tool provides data indicating where along the drill string or tubing the pipe is free to move and where it is stuck.  This data helps in making decisions on where to apply remedial actions like cutting, jarring, or using chemical treatments.
  • Action Plan  -  Based on the information from the FPI, operators can choose the appropriate method to free the stuck pipe, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of costly operations.

The use of a FPI enhances operational efficiency and safety by providing precise information on the location of the stuck pipe, thereby aiding in effective troubleshooting and remediation.

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