Isometric Miscellaneous Drawing Package

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Isometric Miscellaneous Drawing Package

This Isometric Package contains blocks for valves that are regularlly used in process piping. This drawing package contains 100 blocks!

pdfMisc Arrows Examples38.89 KB

pdfIsometric Text and Dimenions Example52.76 KB

pdfPipe Slope Text Example65.43 KB

PD ISO ArrowsArrow IsometricPD ISO Dimension & TextText & Dimensions IsometricPD ISO Pipe SlopePipe Slope Isometric

All the blocks have been created on 'Layer 0' and can be either copied into your working drawing or can be copied into your pallettes. The drawing is saved as a .dwg file and includes:

  • Arrow Blocks
    • North Arrow
    • Flow Arrow
    • Dimension Arrow
  • Text and Dimensions
  • Pipe Slope
  • 90 Degree Slope
  • 45 Degree Slope
  • Miscellaneous Slope

Drawing file will work  in the following formats:

  • AutoCAD 2013/ LT2013
  • AutoCAD 2010/ LT2010
  • AutoCAD 2004/ LT2004