Static Head

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static headStatic head, abbreviated as \(h_s\), (English unit \({ft}\), Metric unit \({m}\)), also known as hydrostatic head, is the vertical distance from a reference point of the liquid to a lower reference point of the liquid.  Static head is a measure of the pressure exerted by a fluid due to its height or depth.  It is the vertical distance between the surface of the fluid and a reference point, typically measured in units of length such as feet or meters.  The greater the height of the fluid, the greater the static head and the pressure it exerts.  Static head is an important parameter in various engineering applications, such as in designing hydraulic systems, water distribution systems, and pumps.

Static suction

Static suction, abbreviated as \(h_{ss}\), is the height of the liquid surface in the suction tank above the centerline of the pump.

Static discharge

Static discharge, abbreviated as \(h_{sd}\), is the highest liquid surface in the discharge system above the centerline of the pump.

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