fastener banner 3A fastener, abbreviated as FSTNR, is hardware that mechanically joins two or more objects together.






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Nomenclature & Symbols

  • \( FSTNR \)  -  fastener
  • \( ANPT \)  -  American National Taper Pipe
  • \( ANPT \)  -  Aeronautical National Pipe Taper
  • \( ANS \)  -  American National Standard replaced with UNS
  • \( BA \)  -  British Association
  • \( BSF \)  -  British Standard Fine
  • \( BSP \)  -  British Standard Pipe
  • \( BSW \)  -  British Standard Whitworth
  • \( \lambda \)  (Greek symbol lambda)  -  elastic modulus
  • \( f \)  -  friction
  • \( ISO \)  -  International Organization for Standardization
  • \( NPT \)  -  National Pipe Thread Tapered Thread
  • \( NPTF \)  -  National Pipe Taper Fuel - Dryseal
  • \( NPS \)  -  nominal diameter
  • \( \tau \) (Greek symbol tau)  -  shear stress
  •  \( f_s \)  -  static friction
  •  \( \mu_s \)  (Greek symbol mu)  -  static friction coefficient
  •  \( \epsilon \)  (Greek symbol epsilon)  -  strain
  • \( \sigma \)  (Greek symbol sigma)  -  stress
  • \( T \)  -  temperature
  • \( UNS \)  -  Unified National Standard
  • \( USS \)  -  United States Standard
  • \( UTS \)  -  Unified Thread Standard
  • \( \sigma \)  (Greek symbol sigma)  -  yield strength


fastener Types

  • Permanent  -  These parts will never be disassembled like rivets and welding.
  • Removable  -  These parts can be disconnected without damaging the fastener like nut and bolt.
  • Semi-permanent  -  These parts can be disconnected, but some damage can occurs to the fastener like a cotter pin.


fastener standards

ASME Standards

  • ASME B1.20.1 - Pipe Threads, General Purpose, Inch
  • ASME B1.20.3 - Dryseal Pipe Threads, Inch
  • ASME B18.12 - Glossary of Terms for Mechanical Fasteners
  • ASME B18.18 - Quality Assurance for Fasteners


Fastener Glossary


  • Alloy steel  -  A steel that one or more elements (other than carbon) have been added.
  • Annealing  -  A process of heat treatment that changes the properties of metals.


  • Bolt  -  A fastener with a head and threaded on one end only.
  • Bolt head  -  Formed by heating the end of a round piece of steel round bar then forged in to a head shape.
  • BSF  -  British Sandard Fine
  • BSW  -  British Standard Whitworth


  • Cold forming  -  A material is placed between two dies and compressed into a shape.
  • Corrosion resistant  -  The ability to resist corrosin under certain conditions.
  • Cut thread  -  A threading method produced by removing material from the surface with a form cutting tool.


  • Deformation  -  Is measured by how much an object is deformed from its origional dimensions.


  • Effective diameter  -  See pitch diameter.
  • Elastic modulus  -  The ratio of the stress applied to a body or substance to the resulting strain within the elastic limits.
  • External thread  -  A screw thread that is formed on the external cylinder.  Also called male thread.


  • Fastener length  -  Measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the threads.
  • Force  -  The push or pull of an object resulting in a change from rest or motion.
  • Forging  -  The process of forming raw steel by displacement under force into specified shapes.
  • Friction  -  The mechanical resistance to the relative movement of two surfaces.



  • Hex head bolt  - A bolt with six sided head.
  • Hex head cap screw  -  A hex head screw with a flat and washer faced bearing surface under the head.


  • IFI  -  Industrial Fasteners Institute
  • Internal thread  -  A screw thread that is formed inside a hole.  Also called female thread.




  • Left hand thread  -  A screw head that rotates counterclockwise.
  • Lock nut  -  Resists loosening under vibration and torque.



  • Major diameter  -  The largest diameter of a screw thread.
  • Minor diameter  -  The smaller diameter of a screw thread.
  • Nominal diameter  -  The external size diameter designated of pipe or threads.



  • Pitch diameter  -  See thread pitch diameter.


  • Quenching  -  A process of quickly cooling an elevated temperature.


  • Right hand thread  -  A screw head that rotates clockwise.


  • Shank diameter  -  The smooth part of the bolt above the threads.
  • Shear stress  -  Tends to deform the material by breaking rather than stretching without changing the volume by restraining the object.
  • Strain  -  The deformation, stretched or compressed, of a material compared to its original length.
  • Stress  -  The force per unit area of cross-section.


  • Tap bolt  -  A bolt that is threaded to the botom of the head.
  • Tension strength  -  The capacity of a material to resist a force tending to stretch it.
  • Thread angle  -  The angle between the thread flanks.
  • Thread axis  -  The imaginary distance equally between the major and minor diameters.
  • Thread count  -  The number of threads per inch (TPI), used for US threads.
  • Thread crest  -  The peak of a thread at the major diameter.
  • Thread flank  -  The side of a thread between the major and minor diameters.
  • Thread height  -  The perpendicular distance between the major and minor diameters.
  • Thread length  -  Length of the cylinder that is threaded.
  • Thread pitch  -  The distance between threads measured in millimeters, used for metric threads.
  • Thread pitch diameter  -  The imaginary diameter equal distance between the major and minor diameters.  Also called effective diameter.
  • Thread root  -  The bottom of the thread.
  • Torque  -  A rotational moment.


  • UNC  -  United National Course
  • UNEF  -  United National Extra Fine
  • UNF  -  United National Fine
  • UNR  -  United National (UN)





  • Yield point  -  The point where an elastic material is permanent change in length with no extra load force.



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