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A globe valve, abbreviated as GLV, is a type of valve used for regulating fluid flow, both on/off and throttling, it is a control valve.  The name globe valve comes from the globular shape of the valve body.  This valve is the most common control valve used and can be found in industries such as the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, shiping, pulp and paper.


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Globe Valve standards

API Standards

ASME Standards

  • ASME B16.5 - Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings: NPS 1/2 through 24
  • ASME B16.10 - Face to Face and End to End Dimensions of Valves
  • ASME B16.20 - Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Flanges: Ring-Joint, Spiral-Wound, and Jacketed
  • ASME B16.25 - Buttwelding Ends
  • ASME B16.34 - Valves Flanged, Threaded and Welding End

BSI Standards

  • BS 1873 - Specification for steel globe and globe stop and check valves (flanged and butt-welding ends) for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries
  • BS 2080 - Specification for face-to-face, centre-to-face, end-to-end and centre-to-end dimensions of valves
  • BS 5152 - Specification for cast iron globe and globe stop and check valves for general purposes
  • BS 5154 - Specification for copper alloy globe, globe stop and check, check and gate valves
  • BS 5160 - Specification for steel globe valves, globe stop and check valves and lift type check valves
  • BS 5352 - Specification for steel wedge gate, globe and check valves 50 mm and smaller for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries

ISO Standards

  • ISO 12149 - Bolted bonnet steel globe valves for general-purpose applications

MSS Standards

  • MSS SP-42 - Corrosion-resistant Gate, Globe, Angle and Check Valves with Flanged and Butt-weld Ends
  • MSS SP-61 - Hydrostatic Testing of Steel Valves
  • MSS SP-80 - Bronze Gate, Globe, Angle and Check Valves
  • MSS SP-81 - Stainless Steel, Bonnetless, Flanged, Wafer, Knife Gate Valves
  • MSS SP-84 - Steel Valves ‚Äî Socket Welding & Threaded Ends
  • MSS SP-86 - Guidelines for Metric Data in Standards for Valves, Flanges, Fittings and Actuators


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